Hello Kitty

FEB 2012


I'm trying to stop/reduce my spending in useless Kawai HK items but I could not resist this!!!!!
This is awesome because this is Hello Kitty & One Piece Together!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obviously my favourite One Piece character is Choper!

I went to the Japan Centre in London http://www.japancentre.com/location.
At the back of the store they have a book/magazine shop.
I gave away the magazine to the cashier as I can't read Japanese ^_^

GBP11.00 Hubby not really happy / me awesomely happy!

JAN 2012
Hi ladies

I've been home (Paris) during my xmas & NY holiday and guess what???

2 of my favourite brands have created this beautiful T-shirt

was 20€ and got it for 15€ = very happy Nina-Chu

It goes quite well with my HK vans
even if it's not the same pink


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Yy said...

Like you, am a big Hello Kitty fan. Hello Kitty and Chopper is so cute! x

YY x