Friday, February 17, 2012

Miam Miam = yummy yummy

Hi love good food

Words are not strong enough to describe how much I love sweet things.

I love sirup (thicker than english squash)
My favourite brand is Teisseire and you can buy it from Waitrose which sells the most famous flavour = Grenadine. You can mix p with water, milk (called milkshake) or schweppes (called diabolo).

I love perle de lait especially when they are on offer for £1 the pack of 4 ^_^
my favourite ones are
vanilla (found in ocado website only at the moment)
never tried strawberry

I love tea (since I live in the UK lol)
My favorite one in the UK is Dragonfly Rooibos Vanilla, thank you to Debbie from the group Midnight Train for introducing it to me
When I go to France I buy the below (please let me know if you know where to buy in London)

Lipton Russian earl grey

Lipton peach mango

Lipton caramel


Beauty Balm said...

the Lipton teas sound nice x

Alex said...

Oh yes, i love perle de lait... Wheredo u buy itin uk? I find it in Tesco but not always. :(
The Russian earl grey sounds good too!!

NinaChu H-A said...

You can find the oerle de lait in waitrose, sainsburys and asda.
not sure about tesco